Measures against neck pain



Measures against neck pain

The first thing most people think of when they need help with neck pain are neck massages. Your partner then suddenly becomes a masseur, making everything a little bit worse. Fortunately, there are many other ways to relieve painful tension, and you will find the most efficient list here. If you need extra help against neck pain, I will give you a few simple measures that have personally helped me.

The 5 best measures against neck pain

Exercise against neck pain

Nothing is as effective as exercise to prevent spinal problems and fight neck pain.

The right position against neck tension

Neck tensions first arise through too little movement and poor posture while sitting and standing.

Targeted muscle growth for a healthy neck

If you have to sit a lot, you should strengthen your muscles to prevent neck problems and maintain a healthy spine in the long run.

Stretching to prevent tension

Stretching makes the muscles supple and loosens them. Regularly used, it can prevent painful muscle stiffening.

The perfect pillow against neck pain

With the right pillow, you may even fight neck pain in your sleep.

What else can you do against neck pain?

Scroll down for a list of measures against neck pain.

There are far more measures for neck pain than one might think. Neck massages and heat treatments are probably the most prominent relief measures against neck pain. But even with a massage, there are many variations and, surprisingly, many can be done by yourself. But is heat always good? No, not always, albeit, against neck pain caused by tension, heat can help because it relaxes your muscles.

The measure that need to be taken to avoid pain is an important topic of its own, and exercises can, for example, prevent neck tension and make sure it doesn’t even come that far. Especially people who sit a lot throughout the day can do a lot to prevent neck pain by designing their workplace in a neck-friendly way. Keyword: ergonomics. This includes wearing the right glasses. Eyewear with progressive lenses must be matched in relation to the monitor-based workplace. If the right focus is too low for the screen distance, the head is bent unnaturally far back, which is ideal to foster tension. Another sensitive area is the bedroom. First and foremost, the selection of the right pillow: it is worth investigating by trying out a few, so that the head is not unnaturally bent in the preferred sleeping positions.

In addition to the measures that you can take immediately or preventively against neck pain, there are a number of helpful devices. They help support neck health, provide effective neck muscle training, or can help relieve the pain.

The range of professional therapies goes far beyond a simple massage. This is especially true regarding some lesser known natural healing methods, which are worth taking a closer look at. Have you ever heard of chiropractic, Alexander’s technique or Tapen? While there can of course always be possible scepticism around those theories, finding a method that heals is never wrong.

Additionally, a person’s mental condition as well as their resilience play a big role in neck tension, even though that might not be obvious at first glance. In general, there are two logical connections. On one hand, there is the autonomic nervous system, which keeps its muscles with constant tension through constant excitement, and then there is the posture – especially in the head and shoulders – that reflects our mental state. Low self-esteem, being bullied or being full of pessimistic expectations, are all negative things that makes us shrug our shoulders and tilt our heads forward. In turns, this also creates tension in the neck area.

If you take a closer look at the causes of neck pain through tension, it’s easy to see that the best measures are to keep your muscles strong and to avoid bad posture. This website offers a wide range of suggestions and advice, that are especially relevant for those who are more likely to have neck tension due to their lifestyles, and to whom we provide suitable methods that can be implemented immediately.

Selecting a sport or physical activity as a therapeutic measure should always be in accordance of the persons tastes. There is no point in signing up for a yoga class, for example, if you have no relation to it or if you simply do not like yoga. The most important thing when choosing a sport is that you stick to it: indeed, regular exercise is necessary in order to achieve success. If you find that, despite having taken various therapeutic measures, your neck pain still persists, make sure to visit a doctor (orthopaedic or primary care practiser) in order to clarify the causes. To ease your worries, please note that the vast majority of neck pain is caused by neck tension.

Help with neck pain – who helps, what helps, what to do?

The best neck supporting pillows

In everyday life, there are many situations in where a matching neck support pillow could prevent tension, such as long trips by bus or plane for example, or when watching TV.

The best pillows for children

Of course, children have the right to sleep soundly as well. There are special neck pillows for children and I have tested them here.

The best mattresses for neck pain

Unfortunately, the right mattress for every person does not exist. On the market you will find many different types of mattresses, ranging from high-tech ones – with numerous flexible zones – to simple futons. The best thing would be to try out different pillows, mattresses and bed bases in order to find the best combination.

The best office chairs

The choice of a good office chair is important for the right neck posture, especially for those who are often using a desk. Individual adjustment options, in height for example, or with the inclination of the back and seat, play a major role.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of therapy that is known for its positive results, especially regarding pain relief. Indeed, fine needles that are professionally placed in the right spot can do wonders.


A therapy that helps very well with blockages and tension in the neck and back area, and is great to relieve pain. In some cases, chiropractic treatment may even prevent from surgeries.


TENS stands for trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. An electrical stimulation device delivering gentle, electrical impulses through the skin to the muscles. TENS can be successfully used for chronic and acute pain.


Head position and body posture change with constant stress. The constantly stressed autonomic nervous system keeps the muscles under constant tension. There are many ways to permanently relax your body.

A better pillow

If you suffer from neck tensions and pain especially in the morning, you should check whether you have an adequate pillow. Perhaps it is too old, or perhaps it is a disproportionally big pillow with your shoulders are resting on it?

Water Pillows

A high-quality water pillow adapts perfectly to an individual sleeping position. The water core can be optimally adapted with corresponding capacity.

Visco Pillows

Viscose cushions are filled with cold foam. They adapt perfectly to the positions of the head and the cervical spine. Being one of the best-selling pillows, Viscose Pillows are also suitable as an ergonomic pillow for allergy sufferers.

Side Sleeper Pillows

People who sleep almost exclusively in a lateral position can also take this into account when buying a pillow. Side sleeper cushions support the cervical spine in the free area between shoulder and head rest.

Better matresses

Pillows aren’t the only ones to be blamed if you wake up in the morning with a strained neck. Because back pain can create neck tension as well, you may also have to get a better mattress.

Better Slatted Frames

Slatted frames are often neglected when buying a new bed. Those who like to read in bed or watch TV should opt for a high-quality and height-adjustable slatted base if only for the sake of their neck.

Medicinal Plants

There are many herbs available in nature that can help against neck pain. They can, for example, help with pain relief, or help with mental relaxation.


Massages are still the most known measure against neck pain. It does not always have to be professional massages. Receiving a massage from another person – or self massages, can be of great help to relax the muscles.

Manual Therapy

For neck tension, manual therapy can help by stretching the muscles around the neck. Manual therapy is a special physio-therapeutic training that has proven itself in functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


Some physiological natural remedies achieve good results, especially regarding pain related to tension. Natural remedies aim to help the body in a natural way with the ability to self-heal.


Osteopathy is a form of therapy that uses natural remedies and that follows a holistic approach. Through gentle, targeted grips, the osteopath can provide pain relief in the neck area.


A wonderful way to relax your body and mind at the same time is yoga. Through dynamic exercises, all muscles can be trained perfectly.


Pilates are Yoga-like positions performed with a specific breathing rhythm. They provide strong muscles, especially in the trunk area, and a good posture without tension.


An important measure is physiotherapy. Not only does it help build up muscles, instructions for back and neck movements are also given and help find the right posture and in ones daily routine or at home.

Natural Painkillers

To relieve the pain, nature does not only provide with medicinal plants, it also gives us healthy and delicious ingredients, that can easily be incorporated into ones diet.

Natural Remedies

Most people want to use pharmaceutical painkillers as little as possible. The almost side effect-free, natural remedies, can often be a good alternative against tension pain as an internal and external application.

Coachman’s Seat

An almost instant measure against acute tension pain along the spine is the coachman’s seat.


Everything is connected. This also applies to the statics of the human body. For example, false footwear can have a negative impact right down to the neck area. Conversely, insoles can provide a better tension-free posture.


A space-saving, effective exercise machine for home. With this vibrating bar can just train the shoulder and neck muscles well.


Theraband is a portable – and very gentle – training utensil and is ideal for training the neck area. It should be a standard equipment in anyones home „exercise room“, particularly those who often suffer from neck-ache.

Fascia Rolls

With the help of a fascia roll, the muscle structure can be stimulated by a kind of self-massage. An even circulation and better nutrient supply support the muscles in their healthy work and relaxation.

Nackenschule – A learning concept

“Nackenschule”, which is a German learning concept about neck pain, gives instructions for the prevention and avoidance of unpleasant neck tension. This is done through physiological movements and the training of muscles.


Tapen are colorful elastic tapes on the skin. It is a gentle and effective way to relieve tension. Those who are not familiar with it should have the tapes glued by a specialist.

Red Light

Red light can relieve muscle tension and pain by dilating the vessels with warmth, thus ensuring a better circulation of the muscle fibers.

30 Unusual Tips

If you have tried all of the usual tips against neck pain and yet still suffer from it, then you should perhaps try your luck with these 30 unusual tips for neck pain.

Heating Plaster

The heat is generated by the active ingredients of the patches, like capsaicin for example. It then activates the metabolism of the muscles and relieves tension.

Self Massage

When experiencing tension pain, we often instinctively operate a self-massage. If needed, one can find help and some instructions to proceed, and even with bare hands, the pain can sometimes be successfully massaged away.

Standing Desk

If you work a lot at the desk, it’s a good idea to change the position more often. It is particularly pleasant to be able to work from time to time on a standing desk.


Thai massages have a holistic approach. It is not just the neck that is massaged, but also the arms, legs, elbows and all the muscle groups and joints of the clients.

Exercise Equipment and Aids

There are small but effective exercise devices for muscles in the market. Specific muscle groups can be trained and targeted with a simple Theraband already.

Painkillers / Medicaments

Because exercise is the first therapy for neck tension, severe pain has to be eliminated first. Sometimes, this may lead to a walk to your own medicine cabinet.

Pain Management

Pain therapy becomes necessary when the pain has become chronic. In these cases, pain therapy coincides with the causative treatment of the neck pain.


Doctors like to use syringes when people come to them for help regarding neck pain. But not all forms of syringe therapy make sense and are effective.

Sitting properly

Something that may sound really banal but is largely responsible for how relaxed or tense neck muscles are. Especially for office workers, the right seating position is important for the prevention of neck pain.

Exercises for children

For children, it is usually easy to build stable and strong trunk muscles with the appropriate exercises. While playing, they thereby get a good basis for a healthy neck and back musculature.

Fast emergency measures

Sometimes, fast help is required. When the pain comes in, emergency measures are needed. This can be certain movement exercises or even a quick-acting painkiller.

Meditation and autogenic training against neck pain

Many neck pains caused by tension are psychologically conditioned. A permanently high stress level can therefore affect the muscles. Being able to relax ones mind is one of the ways to fight it.

The right sleeping position

In any case, there are particularly unhealthy sleeping positions, especially for the neck. On the other hand, everyone has their preferred sleeping position and may be reluctant to switch.

5 effective exercises against neck tension

Anyone who suffers from neck tension will appreciate simple exercises in between. This is especially important for people who are sitting most of the day.


With classical homeopathy, the search for the right remedy can be very extensive. It is a sustainable, holistic way to cure chronic neck tension.


Globules can be helpful for many diseases, including neck pain. You can read about globules and which symptoms they are suitable for here.

Alexander’s technique

The basis of Alexander’s technique are natural, body-appropriate postures and movements. It is an interesting way to relieve the pain, especially against tensions and stress-related conditions.

What to do when nothing helps?

You have tried all of the classic options and nothing has helped? If there is no serious underlying disease, it is worth taking a look at the field of alternative medicine, with its holistic approach.

10 unusual forms of therapy for neck pain

If nothing helps, then perhaps these 10 therapeutic approaches will. From cupping to cross-fiber massage therapies, these uncommon therapies might help you.

Imaging diagnostic procedures – when to use them?

When confronted to neck pain, one would like to know as soon as possible if there are physiological causes to explain it. X-ray, CRT and MRI would offer clarification, but how to know at what point they should be done?

Analgesic foods

With the right spices, oils, fruits, vegetables and drinks, neck pain can be reduced through a healthy daily diet.


Anyone who has had to deal with neck pain for a long time does not necessarily need to despair over the symptoms. As long as the aforementioned measures have not yet been tested, there is no reason to give up. Just keep in mind that only those who know the source of their pain can properly heal it.

There is an almost unmanageable variety of measures against neck pain, which is exactly what you should take advantage of and combine several ways together.
The three major areas of action for frequent neck pain are to eliminate pain, create an ergonomic environment and exercise. For all these topics, there are a lot of suggestions in our list of measures.

Of course, it always best not to let it come that far: we are talking about prevention.
At least 70% of the causes of neck pain can be eliminated by „neck care“ alone:

A healthy, well-developed musculature in the neck and shoulder area provides excellent protection

Mindfulness for a relaxed, physiological posture,
an ergonomic environment in the daily work,
sufficient relaxation as a counterweight to a stressful daily life,
These are the most important measures for a sustainable neck health. At the same time, when using those measures or when selecting them, the cause of the neck pain must be found. It may be caused by a stressful job, a wrong pillow or even a badly positioned screen at work.

However, if despite everything, the pain continues to get worse or persists after two weeks, there may be a disease or damage to the cervical spine. In this case, a visit to the doctor is inevitable.

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