Neck pain due to lack of movement

Less and less exercise or monotonous processes, a bad posture and spinal sprain are among the causes of neck pain. Often, people who work desk jobs suffer from neck pain.

Additionally, a large amount of people face the common issue of doing little to no exercise at all. The unpleasant consequences are muscle weakness, stiffening and pain accompanied by limited mobility.

Muscle tension due to lack of movement

Working on the desk or doing other activities all day and facing an evident lack of exercise, contenting oneself to eating just a small snack at work during lunchtime, being extremely exhausted after work and just slouching on the couch… This is how many peoples everyday life is like. Due to monotonous movements and to a lack of physical activity, the risks of getting neck tension are almost inevitable. In fact, many people suffer from it today.

The word tension refers to an increase of the state of rigidity of a muscle. However, this is the lightest form. In the worse case, it can lead to a myosclerosis, the myogelosis. If you do not change your habits, if you fail to intensify your daily routine and treat the symptoms sufficiently, this can lead to a bulging, nodular hardening in the muscle, which can usually be felt and causes severe pain.

Definition: what is myogelosis?

Myogelosis is also known as muscle stretching or muscle hardening, where the muscle fibers are permanently tense in a narrow area and unable to relax again. This can be very painful. In the affected muscles, lumps are extremely palpable. Muscle stretching can be caused by overwork, injuries and degenerative diseases.

Symptoms of neck pain due to lack of exercise

Light tension starts with a pulling sensation and local neck pain in the muscle. Subsequently, these complaints can extend to the shoulders and radiate into the arms. The neck muscles are hard and sensitive to pressure.
In addition, neck tensions can also lead to restricted mobility. These are caused by the disturbed function, since the elasticity of the muscle is limited. Due to neck pain, the amount of exercise is reduced so as not to provoke discomfort. It can create a vicious circle as the releasing posture leads to ever-increasing neck tension.

The system increasingly adapts itself to the tension and to the new control of the changed posture. Due to the state of tension and the lack of elasticity, the muscle also presses on surrounding vessels, resulting in a lack of local blood circulation.

What happens if you do not treat neck pain and tension?

When neck tension is not treated and the causes are not eliminated, numerous complications can appear that cause much more than simple neck pain. One of the worst possible consequence is the cervical syndrome. To avoid this, getting a sufficient amount of exercise is very important.

How can I easily compensate for lack of exercise?

Those who hold a desk job should get up every 60 minutes and move a little (please note that the same applies for the daily evening or nights on the couch spent in front of the TV). Stretching should be done at least once a day. It doesn’t really matter when, as long as it is done regularly. If you have the choice between taking the stairs or the elevator, you should always choose the stairs. Otherwise, we recommend avoiding using your car too much and walk short distances as much as possible. Last but not least, a little bit of sport can help build the back muscles necessary elasticity and strength to prevent tension and give the neck pain no chance.


The aforementioned possible complaints as well as later complications show how important movement is, and that it can easily and quickly be integrated into everyday life.This can effectively help prevent neck pain and neck tension.

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Torsten Liem, Gründer d. Osteopathieschule Deutschl.

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